The “European Surveillance Network for Influenza in Pigs (ESNIP) 2” is a co-ordination action in the 6th Framework Research Programme of the European Commission.
Swine influenza viruses (SIVs) are enzootic in swine dense regions of Europe and they are a major cause of respiratory disease in fattening pigs. Pigs are also susceptible to human and avian influenza viruses. Unlike for human or equine influenza viruses, however, there have never been organised surveillance networks for influenza viruses of swine. Also, there was no standardisation of diagnostic techniques for SIV or of the methods used to study the evolution of SIVs. These shortcomings were already tackled in a first EC-funded European surveillance network for influenza in pigs (ESNIP 1, January 2001 – March 2004), which comprised 14 partners from 10 different European countries.
The present ESNIP 2 action is in part a continuation of ESNIP 1. It aims to further expand the knowledge of the epidemiology and evolution of SIVs in Europe and to apply this knowledge to optimize diagnostic techniques for swine influenza. A second and timely aim is to obtain insights into the public health risk of influenza in swine by monitoring swine for avian influenza viruses and by comparison of influenza viruses in swine and in human populations. The ESNIP 2 consortium consists of 10 participants. Nine partners are from eight different EU member states, one from Hong Kong and collaboration with a US respectively. Participation from Hong Kong and collaboration with the US will facilitate greater global interactions and a worldwide understanding of the epidemiology of SIV.

ESNIP 2 is co-ordinated by Kristien Van Reeth at Ghent University, Belgium (