Kick off meeting
January 20 2006
“het Pand” Ghent, Belgium

The kick-off meeting of the European Surveillance Network for Influenza in Pig took place in the old Dominican monastery at the center of the city of Ghent, Belgium. The consortium partners had the opportunity to meet each other, some for the first time and discuss about the first actions in order to get operational. Agreements were reached about the timeframe and details over the first year of the project. The kick-off meeting marked the beginning of a new and ambitious project for the better understanding of swine influenza in Europe.

Dr. Isabel Minguez-Tudela, the scientific officer of the project (EC, Brussels) was also able to attend the meeting.


Interim meeting during the IPVS congress
July 18 2006
Bella Congress Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

During the International Pig Veterinary Society congress in Copenhagen a few partners had the opportunity to meet again and discuss their progress, problems and questions. Most problems were solved and it was agreed to further discuss matters in the next major meeting in the UK.


The second official ESNIP 2 meeting
December 11-12 2006
VLA-Weybridge, United Kingdom

The second major ESNIP 2 meeting was help in Weybridge, UK, hosted by the Veterinary Laboratory Agencies. The progress of each partner, the preliminary findings of an entire year of investigations and future work plans were discussed. It was a successful meeting marking the prospects of ESNIP 2 in its second year.

Interim meeting during the 5th international symposium on emerging and re-emerging pig diseases
June 26 2007
Krakow, Poland

Eight ESNIP partners from 6 laboratories were able to attend the ESNIP meeting during the international symposium on emerging and re-emerging pig diseases in Krakow, Poland. The progress of some workpackages was discussed and agreements were made regarding the next steps each partner should take.
The next appointment was set for Ploufragan France in December 2007.


The third official ESNIP 2 meeting
December 13-14 2007
AFSSA-Ploufragan, France


The third official ESNIP 2 meeting was held at Ploufragan, France on the 13
th and 14th of December 2007, hosted by the Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Aliments (AFSSA). Fourteen participants from seven laboratories attended. The results obtained during the second year of the project were discussed and plans for the upcoming third and final year of the co-ordination action were set and agreed upon. Among others, partners agreed to the organization of an ESNIP minisymposium in Ghent, Belgium in June 2008.